A working session was held on Thursday February 15, 2024, at ten a.m. at the headquarters of the High Authority of Transparency, Prevention and of Fight against Corruption (HATPLC), which brought together Dr Salima MESRATI, Chairman of the High Authority, Mr. Mohammed SAOUDIA, Head of the Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (CTRF), in the presence of members of the Unit’ council and executives of the High Authority.

This session is part of the implementation of one of the activities of the CTRF work plan for the year 2024, related to the strategic focus on strengthening of coordination and cooperation, and in application of the recommendations included in the Mutual Evaluation Report of the national system of prevention and of fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism, published by the Financial Action Task Force for the Middle East and North Africa (MENAFATF) in May 2023, particularly in relation to Recommendation 2 of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regarding cooperation and coordination between national bodies, as well as the Immediate Result 3 relating to supervision,

On this occasion the two parties discussed several subjects, such as: the presentation of the legal framework governing the missions and organization of the two bodies, the national strategy for transparency, prevention and the fight against corruption (2023-2027), developed by the High Authority. The discussion being centered on strategic objective 12 linked to the prevention and fight against money laundering, in order to find ways of effective cooperation and coordination between the two parties to set mechanisms for its implementation on the ground.

The CTRF and the HATPLC concluded at the end of this meeting to prepare and sign a memorandum of understanding in the coming days binding the two authorities, in order to strengthen their cooperation and coordination, to participate in training and awareness forums and sessions organized by both parties, for the benefit of non-financial professions, in the field of prevention and fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and pertinent predicate offenses. Also, the establishment communication and information exchange gateways in the future.